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A Home That's Right for You

Experience the joy of living in a home that was designed just for you. Mark Shellnut designs custom homes for clients in Ventura, California, and beyond. He handles everything from sprawling, single-story estate homes to compact beachfront properties.

Beach Homes

Building a beach home poses unique architectural challenges. Beachfront projects are often characterized by small lots, strict zoning requirements, and harsh environments. Lot dimensions seldom exceed 4,000 sq. ft., so Mark creates ingenious vertical layouts that result in spacious interiors and maintain the architectural character requested by the client.

Bay Homes

Bay homes are similar to beach homes, but the rear of the house is located on an inland waterway. Like beach homes, they often feature a small lot size and require materials that will stand up to harsh environmental conditions. Mark designs beautiful homes with small footprints that have the character and style you want.

Beachfront Homes

Contemporary Modernism

The term "contemporary architecture" is applied to a range of styles that characterize built structures and spaces that are optimized for current use. These designs are usually characterized by a modernist aesthetic. Modernism in architecture is broadly characterized by simplification of form and subtraction of ornament from the structure and theme of the building.

Gaining popularity after the Second World War, architectural modernism was adopted by many influential architects and continues as a dominant architectural philosophy for institutional and corporate buildings into the 21st century.

This style lends itself well to the beach environment for clients who wish to optimize the size and openness of their homes. Modernist designs maximize views and make use of construction materials that are ideal for harsh environments.